Prize Room Pin Packages

$10.00 - $250.00

Pin packages include free Prize Room Tickets that you can use for a chance to win fabulous items from our Prize Room!


All Pins will depict our twelve Mystery on DREAMHOUSE™ “Suspects” (and additional characters) in original, full color fashion illustrations by Steven Fraser of Dressmaker Details Couture! Pins are pictured in silhouette, but actual Pins will be in full color. Pins are actual size of: 1 ½” L x 1” W, silver polished back.

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Pin packages come with FREE pre-printed Prize Room Tickets with your name and Registration number! The preordered Pins with FREE Prize Room Tickets can be picked up during the Prize Room drop-off times, or any time the Prize Room is open. Photo ID will be required for pickup. All preorders must be purchased by May 26, 2024 to have your name printed on the free Prize Room Tickets.

Pins are actual size of: 1 ½” L x 1” W, silver polished back.

Join the fun early! By securing your Pin package by March 24, 2024, we will apply additional FREE BONUS “Early Bird” Prize Room Tickets for Pin order(s) and you will receive additional free bonus tickets according to the amounts below: